Poem-A-Day, Academy of American Poets

Poetry at Sangam

  • In the forge/the beloved a flame
  • Prayer
  • You, too,
  • Deluge

Glass: A Journal of Poetry

maintaining social distance through the language of longitudes – An International, Multilingual Collaboration. The Blue Nib Literary Magazine.

Ah! Los Angeles Review of Books.

A Dozen Nothing

  • Across the East River
  • Before He Sinned
  • Revolution
  • On Courting Calamity
  • The Rose The Flame The Hunter
  • The Branch
  • On the Ferry


  • On Ghazal Shaa’irri vs. Natural Shaa’irii
  • Asymptote
  • The first three weeks of war

When in the dark/my mind brightened. Poets House.

Sundress Publications

The Margins

The Friday Influence

  • 5 Poems
  • God

of Water. Santa Ana River Review.

Episode. Rose Red Review.

For Qays. Solstice Magazine.

Meridian (print)

  • “Tell the angels not to touch me/ without permission”
  • On Beauty

Mumtaz Sahib of the Round Glasses. Muse/A (print).

If It Were. Washington Square Review (print).

Salamander (print)

  • A Robe of This World
  • The Scaffold’s Branch
  • The Coming of Spring
  • for Majnoon


Where My Dreaming and My Loving Live: Poetry & the Body, Part II: The Body as Idol, Nation, and Revolution. Los Angeles Review of Books.

Let Us Today Enter the Bazaar in Shackles: On Revolution, Madness, & Exile. The Margins.

Feature on transcreation in Palette Poetry’s “The Guest,” with Robin Myers.

The Music Room: On losing and finding Hindustani classical music. The Baffler Magazine.

The Art of Unraveling: Shadab Zeest Hashmi’s Comb


Sadequain, Artist and Poet: A Memoir, by Saiyid Ali Naqvi. Various excerpts of Urdu poetry translated in collaboration with author. (print)

No, My Veil Is Stained by Parveen Shakir. Words Without Borders.

Ancient Eve by Simin Behbahani. Huffington Post.(Co-translated with Aria Fani)

PBS Frontline (Co-translated with Aria Fani)

  • Death of the Sun by Parwin Pajwak
  • Five in the Evening by Khaledah Forugh
  • ah! by Nadia Fazl
  • For Kabul by Faeghah Jawad Mohajer
  • ghazal by Bahar Saeed